View Sample Bill and Details

Our sample bills explain the define terms on typical electric bills. These sample NVGEBE bills are for illustrative purposes only and the dates, values and rates may not be those currently in effect. The samples may not show all possible terms that could appear on your actual electric bill.

Sample Bill and Details

A = Invoice No – This is the bill/ invoice number
B = Contract Account No – This is your contract number, needed for support or online banking/ -support
C = Invoice Date – This is the date of your bill/ invoice when NV GEBE read your meter
D = Due Date – This is the date when your bill should be paid in full. You will receive a late fee after this date.
E = Rate Tariff – This is your Tariff or Rate. The rate or tariff for domestic is 12.
F = Meter No – This is the number on your Electrical Meter
G = Consumption Period – This is the period you used electricity, which is the period you are being billed.
H = Previous Reading – This is the amount last used before NV GEBE checked your meter for billing
I = Current Reading – This is the amount currently used when NV GEBE checked your meter for billing
J = Consumption Usage – This is the total kilowatt (kWh) of electricity you used during the reading period
K = Total Amount – This is the total amount of this bill to be paid