Large Buisness Customer

Billing and Payment Option

A convenient option, described below, are available for you to pay your NV GEBE bill. If you have questions about any of these option, please call our Customer Care Center at 1(721) 546-1100.

Add Multi Account

Are you a small business customer who receives numerous electric and water service bills each month? Are you tired of opening all those envelopes and writing all those checks every month? Well, our Multi Account Program may be just the answer you've been looking for.

NV GEBE Portal (My Login) was developed in response to requests from customers for a more convenient way to manage the processing of large numbers of bills. In the My Logon portal you can add multi account and can receive your monthly bills other one logon account.

Interested? If so, find out more by either calling NV GEBE customer service line, 1 (721) 542-1100, or visiting one of our Customer Service Centers.

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